The Puzzle Place Center for Autism

   The Center for Children with

   Autism and Related Disorders


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daycare for autistic children

Full Time ABA Therapy In a

"Daycare and Preschool" Setting

Safe, Quality ABA Therapy Services for Your Child with Autism

Your priority when it comes to your child is to ensure his or her needs and development are being met.  At The Puzzle Place, we do just that. We are experienced in caring for those that fall from mild to severe on the autism spectrum and related disorders. Our team takes pride in providing care that both you and your child will love, as we consider your child's interests, strengths, and challenges.

Unique, Individualized Care for Your Child

Learning Through Developmental Activities

Every child who walks through our facility doors is unique. That is why our professional therapists are carefully screened and selected. We have a team that is familiar with all variations of autism and understands how to help your child develop the necessary skills he or she needs while having fun in a safe, nurturing environment.

You are always welcome to stop by and see the fun, developmental activities and programs that we have planned for your child. He or she will learn skills in various developmental domains, such as gross and fine motor, cognition, language, social/emotional, and adaptive life skills.

Where Every Child Fits!

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