Why Parents Choose ABA for Autism Therapy Near Rumson

After a diagnosis of Autism for your child, you may wonder where to turn for help. Many parents trust Applied Behavior Analysis for ABA as their first choice for Autism therapy. Learn more about it to see how it may help your child better manage the daily symptoms for greater independence and self-regulation. Non-Invasive Care […]

Home vs. Center-Based ABA Therapy in Monmouth County

There are many ways to provide children with Autism with ABA therapy; two of the most common are home-based treatment and center-based treatment. When making a decision, there are some important aspects of each method that parents and caregivers should consider. Here’s a brief overview: Home-Based Therapy When providing Applied Behavior Analysis therapy to children […]

Why I am Walking Around Like It’s My Birthday

Oh, the things we take for granted! I was supervising in the classroom when I overheard this simple exchange between Judy, an ABA therapist, and Olivia, a 6-year-old with ASD: Olivia: “Where is the iPad, Miss Judy?” Judy: “Check the drawer, see if it’s in there” Olivia goes to the drawer at the other end […]

Fun with Lauri 60 Object Magnets

One of my favorite things to do is to find a single toy or object and see how many targets we can address with it. I’ve involved the awesome therapists here and we all have a ball! These Lauri object magnets are real multi-purpose items!

Hold My Hand

Hello all! My name is Michel and I am a mother of a daughter who has Autism. Her name is Gracie. I will be sharing with you some of my experiences having a child with Autism. I will be sharing some behaviors Gracie displayed. I hope that reading this blog will help you feel not alone […]

Welcome to The Puzzle Place!

Hello! My name is Ricky Teichman and I am the BCBA Clinical Director at The Puzzle Place Center for Autism. Some of the other hats I wear are devoted wife, busy mom to 5 little kiddos, in-house chef, chief cleaner upper and laundry folder, and RBT course instructor (not in any order whatsoever:)). In this […]