What is ABA?
         Comprehensive, Individualized, Data Driven

Applied Behavior Analysis, commonly referred to as ABA, is the science of behavior. ABA involves applying the principles of behavior, such as reinforcement and punishment, motivation, to name a few, to teach socially significant skills in real world, everyday settings. ABA involves defining target behaviors, recording data on those behaviors, and analyzing the data to make changes to treatments that are not effective.

At The Puzzle Place, our Registered Behavior Technicians work alongside our Board Certified Behavior Analysts to come up with an ABA treatment plan that is most significant to your child and family. Each treatment plan is based on a comprehensive skills assessment, and each component is individualized to meet the child’s specific needs and motivations. Data is collected on each target under a variety of conditions to ensure that real,

generalized learning is occurring. The data is constantly analyzed and changes made to the treatment plan accordingly. Parents are an essential component of our treatment package. Therefore, aside from weekly parent training, all of our ABA targets are inserted in a cloud based database, Catalyst. Each parent is provided with a unique login and can track his or her child’s data and graphed progress.

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