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When visiting our spacious facility, or any other for that matter, be sure to utilize the checklists below to make sure you get all the information you need to make an informed decision about care for your child. We take the proper development of your child with Autism seriously, and want to ensure he or she is comfortable and benefiting while in our care.

How to Decide Checklist

Below are a list of questions to ask yourself when you visit a childcare facility for your child.

Child’s Experience

  • What experience does the staff have been working with children on the autism spectrum?
  • What is the therapist to child ratio? Will there be enough providers to give your child the care he/she needs?
  • What are your minimum requirements when hiring therapists for your facility?
  • Are therapists involved in activities to improve their skills, such as classes or workshops?
  • What types of background checks are done on staff?
  • What is the daily schedule or routine?
  • If my child needs time alone to decompress how that will be handled?
  • How does the center develop individual goals for each child?
  • How does the center discipline?
  • Describe feedback I will receive about my child at the end of the day.
  • Can parents “drop in” for a visit?


  • What are the facilities guidelines and procedures when it comes to sanitization, cleanliness, and maintaining a healthy environment for children?
  • Is there a janitorial service that consistently comes and cleans/sanitizes the facilities to keep it up to or above standard?
  • Do the facilities have a clean look and feel, a good smell, and is there any mold or any type of sign of neglected care of the facility, that would be harmful to a child’s health?

Equipment and Supplies

  • Has the center provided state-of-the-art, developmentally appropriate educational tools and aids?
  • Does playground equipment meet federal and safety standards?
  • Have learning aids and furniture been designed for maximum comfort and learning?

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