Fun with FFCs!

Ah, long Friday afternoons! We had recently gone to visit relatives in Sharon, MA and I had the Melissa and Doug Travel Bingo out. The original version is meant to be played in the car by two travelers, and they have to find the items that are on the board and cross them out. The first to get a row has a BINGO!

Anyway, being that my little guy can use some help with playing games by new rules, I decided to turn the bingo board into a version of “Guess Who?” using FFCs, feature, function, class.

You can use this in a couple of ways.

First, Disclaimer: I was taking the video with two children on my lap, one at each shoulder, and a baby crawling in and out of my feet. Please keep that in mind when watching the clips 🙂

One way is to use it the traditional way, with the the child asking the questions and eliminating the ones that don’t fit the criteria. That’s how I did it with Yoni in the first video.

Another way to play the game is to have the child think of an item, you ask the questions, but I still had him take down the correct ones for me. This gives him extra practice, as you can see in the second video.

I often play this backwards, with one of us giving the clues instead of asking the questions. This also uses the FFCs to describe the item in a systematic way.

Go out and grab your bingo boards and have fun!!!