Our Experience With The Puzzle Place

Our son started at The Puzzle Place six months ago. I remember being nervous as to whether or not we was making the right decision leaving our son for five hours a day. My son has been with me every day since birth and he had just turned two at the time. I was instantly […]

Autism Boot Camp – Part 1 ABA 101

ABA 101 This session covers the fundamentals of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which is considered the gold standard for teaching children with autism. Learn about the teaching strategies and why they are so effective for students with ASD. More Information About the Series: Get the Information You Need to Teach and Reach Your Child/Student This […]

ABA Autism Services: Your Questions Answered Near West Long Branch

Choosing the right Autism services for your child may feel overwhelming to you. But you can be assured that Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA techniques offer children with Autism meaningful improvement in learning and greater self-reliance. This evidence-based approach to helping children has been around for decades. Here’s more information if the principles of ABA […]

How to Choose the Best ABA Program Serving Holmdel Area Children with Autism

It can be a relief to discover that Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) may provide therapeutic social and communication benefits for your child with autism, only to feel challenged by selecting the right program. Here are some important qualities to look for in choosing the best ABA program. Care Is Tailored to The Child Every child […]

Qualities to Look For in an Awesome ABA Therapist Serving Marlboro Families

One of the most innovative therapies available to children with Autism is Applied Behavioral Analysis, also called ABA. This technique uses motivational strategies to assist children in developing desired behaviors. There are some misconceptions about the treatment, which As a parent or caregiver, helping your child with Autism is your highest priority, and finding a […]

POAC Pirate and Princess Carnival

If you have ever wanted to hang out with pirates, learn how to wield a sword or hear about their daring adventures, you and your family must not miss this event!  Bring your own lawn seat, blanket, or beach chair to watch the Pirates in action.  There will be a Free Barbecue and rides for […]

Can I “Lemonade” it?

Oh, the things kids say! I brought my kids to work with me on a Sunday morning (yes, it happens when you have your finger in too many pots) so they can “help” me at work. I had my 4 year old testing a couple of new materials I’d prepared to work on visual perception […]

Tale of a Punishment Procedure (No Hitting Allowed!)

So my teeny tiny daughter learned to walk. This wasn’t yesterday; she’s been taking steps since she’s all of 9 months old! But at 11 months, she thinks she’s 11 years old and walks, runs, hops, skips and jumps (lol at least she tries!) She keeps me in shape chasing her up and down the […]